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Whether you have bare floorboards or shag pile carpet, you need to clean it thoroughly and regularly to keep dust and dirt at bay and to prolong the life of the floor, In our apartment we have ripped up the coir matting and had the floorboards polished and bought a big rug for the living room, I find myself sweeping and vacuuming much more than I did when we had carpet. One of the reasons for the extra attention is you can see the dirt and dust more easily. But it is also because the floor is our son’s favourite place to be – whether he is crawling around or playing with his toys – and if it is dirty, he is dirty.

How to Clean Carpet:

The best way to care for your carpet is to try to reduce the amount of dirt that gets onto it in the first place. Dirt quickly becomes embedded deep in the carpet pile and is ground in underfoot, often cutting the fibres. Place mats inside and is outside each exterior door. If you can’t bear the look of a mat inside, at least make sure you have got one outside – and give it a good beating once a week to keep it dirt-free.

Dents in natural fibres from furniture can be vacuumed out. Try rubbing an ice cube on synthetics to plump up the dents. Dry with a clean cloth and follow with a thorough vacuum.

If the edges of the carpet roll or buckle, you can iron them flat. use damp cloth and iron through it on both sides of the carpet.

To store a rug or carpet, make sure you roll it (do not fold it) with the pile out so that it won’t crush. Big rugs benefit from being stored on a large roll (it saves them from folding in on themelves and wrinkling). Check with your local carpet seller; they will often have large cardboard rolls to give you. Sotre with mothballs and make sure you check the rug regularly to make sure there are no pests making a meal of it in the dark cupboard.

We will introduce corresponding carpet or floor care tips, such as how to vacuum, how to choose a vacuum cleaner, how to shampoo carpet, how to steam clean carpet ,how to remove carpet stains, how to clean timber flooring, how to maintain timber foooring, waxes,  and mops.

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